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Technical Analysis for Intraday, Swing & Positional Trading

  • Day Trading with Smart Money

  • Price Action Trading

  • Trading Strategies

  • Risk Management

  • Stock Selection & Live Scanning

  • Option Chain Analysis

  • Technical Analysis Master Class

Long Term Investing

Who Can Join?

Investors who want to build a winning portfolio by learning nuances of stock market analysis and increase accuracy in building Stock Portfolio can join the program.

  • Learn how to build a strong investment portfolio

  • A rigorous Stock Market Investing program

Long Short Report

  • Weekly Recommendations of 2-4 Scrips​

  • Long Term Investors 

  • Short Term Traders

  • Swing Traders

Options Trading Course

  • Trade options with a consistent strategy that produces regular "INCOME"

  • Get paid upfront for executing options trades

  • Win over 85% of your options trades

  • Adjust losing trades and turn them into winners

  • Use little-known techniques to greatly reduce risk and maximize profits

  • The strategy basics

  • The best way to structure the trade

  • A simple trick to know your odds of success before you even place the trade

  • The most profitable ticker symbols to trade

  • How to choose exactly which option contracts to trade

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